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Millet Recipe Book

In the Chizami cluster of villages, farmers have started seed banks and farmer’s forums to uphold the rich agro biodiversity which has sustained them from generations. The Millet

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DDS in Print Media

DDS in Print Media- during COP 11 in October, Rice, reels, revolution: At Zaheerabad, is probably India’s only group of women shooting, editing and producing short films based

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Local Concerns, Global Voices

Communities Transcend Boundaries for Agro-Biodiversity Report of initiatives by Deccan Development Society during cop-11. Oct 1-19, 2012, Hyderabad, A.P.

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MILLETS 2009 – II National Consulate on Millets

As India gears up in to formulate a historic and revolutionary Food Security Act, the II National Consulate on Millets, Titles Millet 2009, rightly declared that millets are

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Millets – Future of Food & Farming

Millets, which Deccan Development Society believes, are God’s Own Crops as truly wonder grains. They can grow on the most marginalized soils- without irrigation, and with very little

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God’s Own Crops – National Consultation on Millets

In India, out of the total net sown of 141.0 Mha, rainfed areas accounts for 85.0 Mha spread over 177 districts. This constitutes apprx. 60 percent of the

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